Government Operations


As your state legislator, I will always fight for transparency and accountability in government operations.  Minnesota has a strong history and reputation for good governance; maintaining this needs constant attention and legislative action. Transparency and clear procedures for accountability ensure public confidence in government, and ensure that there is equitable access to all facets of government.  State government belongs to the people of the state of Minnesota, and only by maintaining transparency and accountability can we ensure that our government continues to work for the people and public good of our state. 


Environmental Preservation


We are all both consumers and called to be stewards of our natural environment. Because of the urgent necessity to safeguard the environment we have, and to reverse the decades of global pollution and misuse that have contributed to our climate crisis and environmental degradation, we must work together on solutions.  As your state legislator, I want to work for environmental solutions for our state, and for the benefit of the residents of this district. 


Safeguarding and Strengthening Education


I am committed to maintaining the strength of the public education system in Minnesota, and in District 41-B in particular.  I appreciate the work that our current House Representative, Mary Kunesh-Podein has done as our representative in supporting education policy (she is currently Vice Chair of the House Education Policy Committee) and I am committed, if elected as your representative, to continuing this work.